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Americana Music and Makers Festival brings the community together to create a positive environment that gives back to the community. This is a festival dedicated to helping our community, coming together in music while supporting local makers selling their wares. This is truly a positive, feel-good festival that we look forward to hosting all year long.

These one-day events are just the beginning of what will eventually be an annual, 3-day music festival that will feature top-notch Americana music powered by All Entertainment LLC. 

On September 7th, Eight Oaks Distillery will welcome hundreds of guests to the 4th annual Americana Music and Makers Festival! 100% of all net proceeds will be donated to four charities and non-profits that mean a lot to our Eight Oaks family: Cancer Support Center of the Lehigh Valley, Veteran Farmers Coalition, and Tails of Valor.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Eight Oaks is a veteran-owned, family-run, farm-grown, craft distillery located in the rolling farmlands of the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania.

We practice our craft from the roots up, with love. We proudly grow our grains right here on our farm and the farms of our neighbors. We support the growth of local jobs by welcoming our crew into our family and providing them a career where they can learn and grow. We work closely with our nonprofit partners, giving more than just money; we give them our attention, our time, and our hearts. The result? Unique seed-to-bottle spirits with rich, Pennsylvania roots that run deep.

It was in this soil that we found our name. A symbol of strength, nature, and longevity, the oak tree provides the barrels that distillers have been using for centuries to age their spirits. We at Eight Oaks strive to honor that legacy in everything we do.

The number 8 has always been significant to our family.

Before email and text messages, people wrote letters on paper and signed their names in scrawling cursive. Seems like ages ago, doesn’t it? At Eight Oaks, we keep the past close. Chad’s grandfather started the tradition of signing letters to his family with a figure 8. Not only is this a symbol for infinity, but it represents the eight letters in “I Love You”. Today we use the “8” as a sign of love and admiration for our friends and family.

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